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My Eleven Bebe (my little girl that is) inspired me to follow my creativity which I have always longed for.
When she was 5 months old I decided to make her a 'quiet book', I had never sewn anything before but I wanted to make her something myself. It was far from perfect but it was FULL of love and thought!

A quiet book turned into name banners, letters and personalised frames but I longed for more! Without hesitation I bought a sewing machine, taught myself how to use it and the rest is history! 

I specialised for over 8 years in creating beautiful handmade dolls for the little people in your life along with their accessories. Offering both ready-made items as well as custom slots so we can create the perfect doll together.

A year ago my little girl lost her grandpa so I made her a memory bear out of his shirts....and my business has since them turned around completely. I loved making dollies but I love making keepsake bears even more! The stories and love behind each and everyone I make are so special!

I absolutely love what I do! I can't dedicate all my time to it at present which makes it even more special to me. 

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